Top 10 Drinking Countries

While some of America’s college students would leave you wondering how it is possible for the United States to not be on this list, we thought we’d share this sweet infographic outlining the top 10 drinking countries in the world. Alcohol is apparently more popular in certain places than you may have originally imagined. Apparently some of these people aren’t as worried about liquor calories as others. Enjoy the fun facts!

Rocky’s Low-Cal Pink Lemonade Cocktail

The warm weather is apparently here and the summer holidays will be here before you know it. Don’t let all of those beers and iced, fruity beverages drag your diet down with all of the extra alcohol calories. In this video, Rocky shows you how to make an incredible low-calorie cocktail with simple mixers – water and Crystal Lite. She also adds some tips for how to control your alcohol intake in social settings where you may be more conscious of over-indulging due to social pressure. Check it out!

3 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day is well known for it’s green beer, but what about something more interesting? Why bore your guests with the same old drinks, when you could serve something fun? Whether it’s a Pot of Gold Martini or Irish Coffee with a Twist, these are cocktails that are fun, delicious and very Irish.

Pot of Gold Martini

Imagine a golden martini, shimmering in the glass. It’s a much more elegant idea that a pint of green beer. Best of all, it’s easy to make and your guests will get a kick out of the clever name. Of course, because we’re trying to be authentic, you will need to purchase an Irish whiskey to complete the recipe.

St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl in NYC

Many people belly up to the bar on St. Patrick’s Day for a glass of green beer, but why visit just one bar when you could visit several? The St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl is taking place this year between Friday March 16th and Sunday March 18th in New York City and it promises to be the biggest St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl the city has ever seen. Interested? Let’s take a closer look at what the St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl is all about and how much you’ll have to pay to participate.

What Is the St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl?

Imagine hitting the best bars in New York City and getting beer at incredible prices. That’s exactly what the St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl is all about. Yep, it’s a three-day event that is all about drinking some of the best beers the city has to offer, but how much does something like this cost?