One Shot of Brandy Each Day, Keeping the Doctor Away

Alright, alright – so the original saying is that an apple a day can keep the doctor away, but the truth of the matter is that brandy may be just as beneficial in maintaining your health and longevity as red wine or beer. The health benefits of brandy are varied, but may just justify this sometimes costly indulgence.

Antioxidants in Brandy

While no doctor will recommend crossing your daily multivitamin off of your list of things to ingest each day, some studies have shown that a single shot of brandy can have a similar effect. Brandy contains enough in antioxidants to act like your multivitamin’s content of vitamin C. It only takes about 30 milliliters of brandy (approximately 1 ounce) to take advantage of this benefit. Your doctor, however, will not recommend skipping your vitamins on the days you indulge. Make sure you do both.

Brandy and Your Heart

Brady originates in the south west section of France, where heart disease and obesity rates are startlingly low. In that area, the drink of choice is Armagnac brandy, a distinct blend that is aged in oak casks after it is distilled (a process done differently than with regular brandy).

Professor Nicholas Moore, from the University of Bordeaux, is responsible for some of these incredible findings. He was amazed at the low levels of heart disease in this particular area and wanted to take a closer look at possible causes. The people in this area tend to live a life with less stress, drink more wine, and also eat a healthier diet. While these things are certainly contributors, Professor Moore also found that the Armagnac brandy had very specific effects on the body. It mimics the effects of a popular drug known as Plavix, which is responsible for acting as an anti-thrombosis and anti-platelet.

Of course, we can’t all get Armagnac for daily consumption. Fortunately, Dr. Gordon Troup of Monash University released a study back in 1995 that stated that any type of brandy can offer health benefits for the heart.

Stress Reduction

In social situations, brandy can be incredibly comforting and relaxing. The warming effect, in private situations, may help to calm you so that you can sleep a bit better.

Brandy is high in antioxidants, low in sugar, and low in calories. The trick here is, again, to make sure you are only enjoying your brandy 1 shot (1 ounce) at a time. You really don’t need more than that to enjoy its benefits.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons



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