Healthy Holiday Vodka Punch Recipe

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially for those throwing a holiday party. You have to plan the entertainment, create a delicious menu and of course come up with a killer drink to keep everyone happy and mellow. Of course, some people are trying to watch their waistlines and that means that many drinks may be a bit over-the-top. Thankfully, you can please both the dieters and those that aren’t watching their vodka calories with a delicious vodka punch.

Holiday Vodka Punch

What would a holiday buffet table be without a big bowl of punch to calm the nerves of stressed out guests? We all know that vodka punch can be pretty high in calories. Thankfully, there are simple substitutions you can make to make the punch a bit healthier. Best of all, you can even keep the punch cold without diluting the flavor thanks to the addition of a tasty ice ring.

4 cups of cranberry juice
1 cup of frozen cranberries
46 ounces of pineapple juice
24 ounces of sugar-free frozen limeade concentrate, thawed
2 cups vodka
2 Liter of Diet Sierra Mist

  1. Pour the cranberry juice into an ice ring mold, add the frozen cranberries and freeze overnight.
  2. Mix the pineapple juice, limeade and vodka together in a large punch bowl.
  3. Slowly pour in the Diet Sierra Mist and add the ice ring.

Extra Punch Tips:

You can use different fruit juices for your ice ring, but cranberry pairs well with the limeade. Even orange juice or a sugar-free lemonade would work just as well.

The frozen cranberries aren’t necessary, but they do add a nice touch. If you like, you could float slices of frozen citrus fruit in the ice ring instead.

There you have it. A delicious vodka punch that won’t ruin your waistline and tastes amazing. Your guests will rave and they’ll have no clue what you just did to save them a holiday pound or two!

Image credit: Flickr user Beaver w/ a Toothbrush

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