Holiday Rum Punch Recipe

The holidays are in full swing and people are busy shopping, entertaining, shopping, sitting in mall traffic, shopping and well, shopping. All that shopping can really wear you down. One way to relax at your next holiday party is to serve a delicious punch. This isn’t a time for kid friendly punch, either. You need something that’s full of flavor and has a good alcohol kick. While there are many recipes to choose from, you can’t go wrong with the classics. Rum punch has been served at holiday parties for decades and with good reason. The fruity combination of flavors with the mellow after burn of rum is something that can’t be beat. Fair warning, though. This one isn’t really for those of you who are counting alcohol calories on a regular basis. You might want to have this one on your cheat day!

Holiday Rum Punch

Cream of coconut adds a decadent flavor to this fruity rum spiked punch. Your guests will love the flavor and you’ll love how easy it is to prepare.

92 ounces of orange juice
92 ounces of pineapple juice
32 ounces of cream of coconut
32 ounces of light rum
Grenadine for flavor and color
2 cups frozen cranberries
4 large oranges, sliced

  1. Chill the first 5 ingredients before combining in a large punch bowl.
  2. Add the frozen cranberries and orange slices before serving.

This recipe makes 32 servings of 8 ounces. That is more than enough for the average holiday party. You can also half or quarter this recipe for smaller parties. In all honesty, you could even cut the recipe down to just make yourself a quick cocktail.

Punch recipes are perfect for holiday parties because they go together easily. Best of all, you don’t have to play bartender making dozens of different drinks for everyone. You can also dress up holiday punches by using seasonal fruit or ice rings. You can even decorate the outside of the bowl with garland, tinsel and ornaments to add a festive touch.

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