Special SuperBowl Margarita

Here’s something extra special in light of SuperBowl weekend. The TipsyBartender has put together a quick little tutorial showing you how to make a super delicious SuperBowl Blue Bulldog Margarita.

If you want to cut down on the alcohol calories, make sure you ditch the full-calorie Corona for a Corona Light (and share that huge 45oz. beverage with a friend or two). Enjoy and have a safe weekend!

Irish Car Bomb Recipe

We all know that sometimes you don’t want a fancy drink. You want something that will put you on your toes. One favorite recipe is the Irish Car Bomb. This drink is a bit on the manly side because the drink was meant to be chugged. Of course, women who have had a bad day may consider this drink just what they need. There are two preparation methods for this drink and both are included below. Just remember to use a good beer when making this drink or you will completely ruin the flavor.

Irish Car Bomb

The bold taste of stout mixes with the creamy flavor of Irish cream liqueur and throat burning whiskey to create a drink that will allow you to let go of a hard day.

5 Cool Things You Didn’t Know About Beer

Chances are you may kick back with a beer from time to time, but have you ever considered its health benefits? While people often tout the benefits of wine, the truth is beer can be just as healthy – if not healthier. Whether it’s for improving heart health or kidney function, beer should be considered when reaching for a beverage to pair with your meal. Here are just five cool things you didn’t know about beer.

Good for the Heart

We’ve all heard about how healthy wine can be for the heart, but what about beer? The truth is beer can reduce the chances of coronary heart disease by 30-40%. That’s not all though. Beer also contains a good amount of vitamin B6, which prevents the build-up of the amino acid homocysteine. Not only that, but beer provides up to a 30% increase of vitamin B6 in the body’s blood plasma.

Stocking a Home Bar: The Essentials

Are you preparing to stock your first home bar? If so, you’ll want to stock up on as many of the essential liquors and mixers as possible without blowing your budget (or diet and health and well being) out of the water. There are some things you’ll want to have on hand all of the time and there are some things you can pick up as you need them. Here’s how you can get yourself started.

Stocking Up on the Basics

Every good bar has some vodka, gin, and rum on hand. If you are an avid drinker you may want to pick up a couple of premium names, like Skyy, Tanquary, or Goslings. If you’re on a budget and don’t mind drinking stuff that isn’t off the top shelf, or if you are planning to entertain friends, go for cheaper options and pick up your top shelf liquors one at a time as you have some extra cash on hand. Other basic essentials include whiskey, bourbon, scotch, and tequila.