How to Choose a Quality Red Wine

You enter a local wine shop, or even visit your local grocery store, and are stunned by the variety of red wines available. How do you know which to choose? Is one brand really any better than another? The truth is it’s important to choose a quality red wine. The reason is that cheaply made wines can make you quite ill. That’s not to say that you should avoid $3 bottles of wine. Even expensive wines can be poorly made. How do you find your way through the poor quality wines to find a good quality brand? Here are just a few tips to help ease the process.

Consider the Age

Age can tell you a lot about the quality of wine. When discussing wine you will hear the terms: ordinary, fine and collection. Ordinary wines are not aged. This means they lack flavor and should be avoided. Fine wines are what the average person buys and have aged for up to two years. They are also made with some of the finest grapes available. Collection wines are the finest of the fine. Collection wines have aged for at least five years and can be quite expensive, but extremely high quality.