Rocky’s Low-Cal Pink Lemonade Cocktail

The warm weather is apparently here and the summer holidays will be here before you know it. Don’t let all of those beers and iced, fruity beverages drag your diet down with all of the extra alcohol calories. In this video, Rocky shows you how to make an incredible low-calorie cocktail with simple mixers – water and Crystal Lite. She also adds some tips for how to control your alcohol intake in social settings where you may be more conscious of over-indulging due to social pressure. Check it out!

Valentine’s Day Cocktails

It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating Valentine’s day with someone you love, if you are having a girls-night in, or if you are boycotting the holiday altogether. These fantastic cocktail recipes, as featured on The Rhode Show, will certainly tickle your taste buds. You’ll enjoy the variety, especially “Cupid’s Downfall” for those of you willing to stick with the theme while cursing the little winged guy. There’s even a non-alcohol recipe for the kids and anyone who is avoiding alcohol calories. Enjoy!

How to Make Your Thanksgiving Cocktails Healthier

As if Thanksgiving wasn’t fatty and hearty enough, you might feel the need to throw in some red wine or a boozy cocktail just to make it through hanging out with your entire extend family. Everyone does that, right? If you’re trying to make it through the holidays without expanding your waistline, though, you’ll need some Thanksgiving cocktails that won’t turn you into Mr. or Mrs. Claus by Christmas. So what are some ways you can make your libations of choice just a little bit healthier?

Drink Your Dessert Instead of Eating It

Pumpkin pie is always delicious, but what if you had an apple pie cocktail instead? This awesome cocktail has very little sugar, especially if you use 100% all-natural apple juice, making it the perfect warm drink to cozy up to while someone else does the dishes. Another healthy perk? Cinnamon has the highest antioxidant capacity of any spice, so feel free to swirl your warm cocktail with that cinnamon stick. Here’s how to make it:

Thanksgiving Cocktails: Pumpkin Pie Martini

The Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching and that means you’ll soon be busy stuffing, basting, baking, and entertaining your holiday guests. If you’re entertaining an adult crowd, you’re going to want to find some extra special cocktail recipes to go with your appetizers. This pumpkin pie martini is a perfect fall classic and will have your guests raving.

Refreshing Summer Red Wine Cocktail Recipes

As the worst of the summer heat approaches, many of us spend the day dreaming about going home to sit by the pool with a cool cocktail or a glass of wine. Times are tough, though, and purchasing the absolute best in terms of wine isn’t something we can do every day. Using lower-cost wines and mixing them into cocktails is one way of creating a cool and refreshing alcoholic beverage you’re bound to enjoy. Here are a few refreshing cocktails you may want to mix with your favorite red wines this summer.

Cardinal Cocktail

A Cardinal Cocktail falls into a category of beverages know as Kirs, or berry flavored cocktails. All you need is a red wine and some crème de cassis, which is a liqueur made from blackcurrants from France. Fill your wine glass with ice, pour in an ounce of the crème de cassis, and fill the rest of the glass with red wine. You can make this with your favorite red wine or with a wine that isn’t as sweet or flavorful as you usually like. Whichever you choose, this sweet cocktail is bound to please.