The Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

It’s something that many people hear about, but it can be hard for someone to realize that they or a loved one has the disease. This is why it’s important to understand the signs and symptoms of alcoholism. Then you can determine whether you have a problem and if you should seek help. Let’s take a closer look at the signs and symptoms of alcoholism.

Signs and Symptoms

Many of the signs and symptoms of alcoholism revolve around the need for alcohol. You may find yourself constantly thinking about the next drink or not being able to stop at the normal limit. You may even need to drink more alcohol to feel the affects than you used to receive from a smaller amount. Those with alcoholism may also experience moments they don’t remember. Some may also begin to have family trouble or problems at work. Other signs and symptoms include hiding alcohol, drinking in secret, lying about drinking, and drinking where you shouldn’t be, such as at work or while driving.

Are You an Alcoholic?

If some of these signs and symptoms seem familiar, you may be wondering if you’re an alcoholic. There are questions you can consider to determine if you may be suffering from alcoholism. Some of the first things you can consider are your feelings towards your drinking. Alcoholics often feel guilty about drinking and may think that they are drinking too much. Another thing to consider is your mood. If you become angry at people who mention your drinking or interrupt your scheduled drink, you may have a problem. Lastly, you need to consider how much you drink. If you’re a woman who drinks 4 or more regular drinks per day or a male who drinks 5 or more, you could be an alcoholic.

When to Seek Help

A major problem with alcoholism is that many who suffer from the disease don’t think they have a problem. This is when you need to listen to loved ones and what they’re saying. Instead of getting angry, question yourself and consider your drinking habits carefully. If you feel that you’re drinking too much, visit your doctor. You may not think you have alcoholism, but if you can’t control your drinking, you need to get help.

Alcoholism not only breaks up families, but it can kill you. Consuming too much alcohol can ruin your liver functions and lead to many other health problems. You need to be conscious of your drinking habits and carefully consider if you have a problem. Acceptance in the first key to ending your addiction.

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