What Foods Go Best with White Wine?

The crisp, refreshing taste of white wine is perfect on its own, but there are also a number of dishes that pair beautifully with white wine. The general rule says that white wine should be paired with white meats, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to chicken and pork. Whether you enjoy seafood or Alfredo, white wine can be paired with many of your favorite meals. Here are just a few of the best foods to pair with white wine.


Many types of seafood are light in flavor. Whether you’re serving a shrimp scampi or grilled flounder, white wine is your best bet. The crisp flavor works well with the light flavor and flaky texture of many varieties of seafood. In fact, many seafood dishes are prepared using white wine, in which case you should pair the dish with the wine you used in the cooking process. These types of dishes are great for those who are conscious of food and wine calories, too, as seafood is usually lower in calories than other types of food.

Chicken and Pork

White meat and white wine have been paired for years. It doesn’t matter if you’re serving grilled chicken breasts or turkey medallions. The light flavor of white wine gives the light flavors of white meat the chance to show through. If you were to serve red wine with these dishes, you might find it hard to detect their subtle flavors.

White Sauced Pasta Dishes

Cream based pasta sauces can be high in fat, but still pair well with white wines. The reason is due to the light flavor of many of these sauces. White wine also pairs well with pasta dishes prepared with olive oil based sauces, such as clam Suzette.

Fruit and Cream Based Desserts

When serving fruit or cream based desserts, you’ll want to opt for a white wine. The crisp flavor of the white white cuts through the rich cream based desserts and pairs well with the tart taste of many fruits, such as berries, pineapple or kiwi. You may even want to prepare a drink to go with your dessert using pureed fruit and sparkling white wine.

White wine isn’t a one trick pony. There are a number of foods that pair well with its light, crisp flavor. Whether you’re serving pork chops or shrimp, white wine would be a welcome addition to the meal. If you’re unsure about which white wine pairs best with which dish, ask your local wine merchant. Wine merchants can lead you in the right direction of pairing any wine with any food.

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